In this article we will learn how to add Multiple accounts in Socinator, so you can start activities as soon as possible.

Step 1) To add Multiple accounts in Socinator you need to visit: Account--> Account Manager

On this screen you will find these buttons: - Import Multiple Accounts, Add Single Account,

Step 2) Click on "Import Mulitple Accounts"

To add your multiple accounts you need to click on button "Import Multiple Accounts". Once clicked a pop window will open where you need to select the required text file to load accounts into the software.

Step 3) Text File Format

In text file the format of the account details will be like below:

  • Without Proxies format will be like this: GroupName:SocialNetwork:Email:Password
    For E.g.: Group1:Facebook:johnshon:*******
  •  Public Proxies format will be like this:GroupName:SocialNetwork:Email:Password:ProxyIP:ProxyPort
    For E.g.: Group1:Instagram:johnson:******:
  • Private Proxies format will be like this: GroupName:SocialNetwork:Email:Password:ProxyIP:ProxyPort:ProxyUsername:ProxyPassword
    For E.g.: Group1:LinkedIn:johnson:******:*******

Note: If you place the curser on Import Multiple account Option , you will get the format that is used to import accounts in Socinator

Step 4) Check account status

Once you saved your account details to add into Socinator, wait for a moment on accounts manager screen to check if Socinator is able to login with your account details.

  • Success: If you are seeing this status that means you have filled all details correctly and your accounts are not blocked by Facebook. Cheers!
  • Failed: If you are seeing this status, you need to make sure that you filled all details correctly, you can check by editing the account. If all details are filled correctly.

We hope you have learned how to add the Multiple accounts in Socinator. Getting trouble in adding accounts contact support.