This Socinator feature helps to automate following users on Instagram. It allows to search users with different query types and perform the follow action on configured time.

To start automating follow activity on Instagram with Socinator below settings needs to be configured:

1.Search Query

  1. Learn how to configure search query

       2.Available search queries for Instagram auto-follow

2.Job Configuration


          1.Learn how to set job configuration. 


3.Other Configuration

        1.Enable Auto Follow/Unfollow

  • Stop Follow and Start Unfollow Tool:- If this is selected it will stop follow action and go for unfollow action for those accounts you have created campaign.  
  • Only Stop Follow Tool   
    1. When Reaching X To Y Following:- Here follow activity will stop after it reached given range. 
    2. When Follower/Followings  Smaller Then X:- Here follow activity will stop if the ratio between followers and following smaller the given range.

        2.Follow Campaign Unique Users:- If this is selected software will do follow unique users from each account for this campaign only.

4.User Filters

  1. Learn more about available user filters to auto-follow users on Instagram.

5.After Follow Action

  1. Like User's Latest Posts:- It will like user's recent posts that are posted.
  • Like Between X And Y Post:- it will like number of posts of each user as per given range.
  • Increase each day
  • Like Random Posts:-It will like random post of user's irrespective of old and new post.

   2.Comment On User's Latest Post:- It will comment on users post those are posted recenty.

  • Comment A Maximum Of X And Y Post:- it will comment on number of posts of each user as per given range.
  • Comment A Maximum Of X To Y People Per Day:- it will comment on number of users as per given range.
  • Increase each day
  • Comment Percentage:-


6.Manage Blacklisted Users

  1. Learn more about how to manage blacklisted users.

Once configured, the settings needs to be saved and applied to the required accounts. Learn how to apply the configuration settings to accounts.

As soon as the settings are configured, the software will start performing the follow action on the next available time slot.

You can check the follow activity which is getting performed in the logger. Also, you can get the full detailed report with all the followed users for individual accounts and campaigns. Learn how to view reports of performed activities in Socinator.