Since Socinator allows to configure the activity settings for individual accounts OR as a campaign for group of accounts, the report of activities can also be seen in 2 ways.

  • Individual Accounts Report:- To get individual accounts report, go to Account Activity section of the desired account and select the desired activity tab, then click on Reports.

  1. This report type displays all-time report of the selected activity, even if the account was performing actions from campaigns configuration.
  2. Click on "Refresh" to see the updated report.
  3. To remove data of all performed activities, click "Delete All". However, using this option is not recommended, as these data are used to perform activity from accounts.
  4. To export the data as CSV file click on Export All.
  5. To view report of same activity for another account, select the desired account from the accounts dropdown.

  • Campaign Report:- To get campaign report, go to Campaign section of a respective social network, Right-click on the desired campaign and select view report.

  1. This report type displays all the activities performed by the accounts for the period of time they were running with this campaign's configuration.
  2. To export the data as CSV file click on Export All.