This Socinator feature helps to automate sending direct messages on Twitter. It allows to filter and send message to your followers.

To start automating message activity on Twitter with Socinator below settings needs to be configured:

1.Send Direct Message
1.Random Followers: If this option is selected, Socinator will send message to your followers randomly.
2.Custom Followers List: Here you need to input your followers username in the input area and socinator will send message to your mentioned followers.

2.Manage Messages
Here you need to enter the message and also you can attach images by clicking on "photo" button and you can clear and import the messages in csv or text format with the help of using other two button.

Queries: Here you need to select the query type that you have selected in "Send Direct Message" section.
Add Message To List: After entering message in message text box,you need to click on this button so your message will be added in the Message List.

3.Job Configuration

1.Learn how to set job configuration.

4.User Filters
1.Learn more about available user filters to auto message to followers on Twitter.

5.Manage Blacklisted Users

  1. Learn more about how to manage blacklisted users.

6.Other Configurations

   1.Send Secondary Message After : If this filter is checked, Socinator will perform actions of sending secondary messages after the mentioned range of hours by the user.

   2.Check For New Messages Around Every : If this filter is checked, Socinator will perform actions of Checking new messages received after the mentioned duration by the user.

  3. Message Unique Users From Each Account : If this filter is checked, Socinator will perform actions of sending message, only with the unique users from each account.

Once configured, the settings needs to be saved and applied to the required accounts. Learn how to apply the configuration settings to accounts.

As soon as the settings are configured, the software will start performing the follow action on the next available time slot.

You can check the follow activity which is getting performed in the logger. Also you can get the full detailed report with all the followed users for individual accounts and campaigns.Learn how to view reports of performed activities in Socinator.