In advance setting we have some use full features for Instagram network  which will  make your post effective and useful ,Let's g through  all the 


  1. Post Using Geo Location :- This feature will help you tag your location with the post , need  to add locations in the text box then software will do tag location.

   2. Enable Automatic Hashtags :- This feature  will help you convert the words into Hashtag if the word is present in your caption software will       do convert in to Hashtag and will tag in the post.

  •  Maximum Hashtag per post "X" :- If you have given the limit X software will do convert maximum X words into Hashtag .
  • Hash By Keyword :- Here need to add keywords manually  in the text box (keyword1,keyword2,keyword3) if the keywords are available in your caption it will convert into Hashtag.
  • Hash By Minimum Word Length :- 
  1. Minimum Word Length :-  Here need to give  word length value so that those words having characters equal or greater then as per given value software will do convert into Hashtag .
  2. Replace Probability :- Here need to give value so that software will do convert only these much words into Hashtag.

     3. Enable Dynamic Hashtag :-

     4.Enable Dynamic Mention :-