This Socinator feature helps to automate sending message to new friend  on Facebook. It allows to s send message to new friend   on configured time.

To start automating sending message to new friend  activity on Facebook with Socinator below settings needs to be configured:

1. Source Filter :-
         Friend should have been added  before X to Y Days:  - By applying  this filter software will send message  to new friend  in X to Y range. 

Manage Messages :-

  1. Message Text :- In this text field you need to enter the messages.
  2. Queries :- All the added queries will be saved here, so that you can select them accordingly for messaging to users from those queries.
  3. Messages Lists :- All the added messages and queries will be saved here for further messaging process.

Job Configuration

  1. Learn how to set job configuration. 


User Filters

  1. Learn more about available user filters to auto send friend request on Facebook.