This Socinator feature helps the user to automate sending direct messages to Places on  Facebook. It allows users to search and filter places with different query types and send them a direct message on configured time.

To start automating send message to Places activity on Facebook with Socinator, below settings needs to be configured:

Manage Messages :-

A.Spintax :-You can use the Spintax to reformat the text of your direct messages ,It helps you to auto post random and alternate responses to different users so that even automated responses reply from a real person.
The spintax places text inside parenthesis and the alternate versions are separated using pipelines.

Simple Spintax

(My (favorite color|favourite colour) is (blue|red|green)(.|!|:))

The bots support nested spinning and may randomly produce any variations of the text.

My favorite color is blue.
My favourite colour is green!
My favorite color is red :)

B.Send Message with Link as Preview-
If you check this box, then you can send the message with URL or links. When the receiver  on the other end clicks on that link, they will be redirected to the URL of that platform.

C. Tag - Check this box, write a message in the tag format. It will tag the user's Full name, first name, last name with the message. It will also tag the sender name with the message at the end

Job Configuration

1.Learn how to set job configuration.


Place filter

  1. Open now- If you check this filter, then It will send a message to the places which are open at that time.    
  2. Visited By Friends- If you check this filter then it will send a message to the places that are visited by your facebook friends.
  3. Price Range-If you select this then it will send a message to the places as per your selected price range.

Once configured, the settings needs to be saved and applied to the required accounts. Learn how to apply the configuration settings to accounts. 

As soon as the settings are configured, the software will start performing the sending message action on the next available time slot.

You can check the sending message activity which is getting performed in the logger. Also you can get the full detailed report with all the requested users for individual accounts and campaigns.

Learn how to view reports of performed activities in Socinator.