In Socinator activity settings can be saved in 2 ways, depending on the selected, whether its normal mode or campaign mode. Learn more about difference between normal mode and active mode.

  • Normal Mode:- In this mode, to save the configuration click on "Save" button.

  1. Once saved, make sure to change the status from "Stopped" to "Active".
  2. If accounts settings was previously configured using the campaign, then while saving it will ask permission to remove the account from previous campaign and run it in normal mode, once permitted selected account get removed from the campaign it belonged to, and will run independently. Report of the activities performed hereafter for this account cannot be seen from the campaign report. 

  • Campaign Mode:-  In this mode, to save the configuration click on "Create Campaign" button.

  1. Its required to select the desired accounts for creating a campaign by clicking on "Select Accounts" button.
  2. If the selected accounts are already configured earlier with different settings from normal mode or from another campaign for same activity, software will ask for permission to override the previous configuration, once permitted, it will override the configuration, and if the account was performing this activity from another campaign then it will get removed from the previous campaign as well.